Qui sommes-nous ?

Low Cost Air Taxi
– No direct connections to your final destination?
– Do you want to arrive three hours early at the airport?

Fly Aeolus connects 1600 airports in Europe: depart when you want and land closer to your final destination. As Fly Aeolus operates on regional airports with small comfortable aircraft there is always an airport available within a 20 minutes drive of your origin or destination. You can book an air taxi with the same ease as a normal cab and for the same price of a flight ticket, while halving your total travel time.

Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

Would you like to gain experience with a European Air Taxi? And to receive guidance from real digital marketing experts? Do you continuously see new opportunities and do you like entrepreneuring? Can you quickly switch between inventing, creating, publishing, adapting and improving again? And last but not least: are you positively addicted to social media? Yes? Check!

We are looking for new support for our marketing team from September 2020 in Rotterdam. Since we are currently expanding to France, most of your tasks will revolve around this topic.